We like to big up a lot of other independent businesses in the area. It’s one of the most important ways of creating buzz in the community. Lots of our customers also work in the area and a few of our regulars are working just a few streets away. Here are some of them that we’d like to give a mention here on site.


A few of the guys from this Hornchurch estate agent with lots of properties will often come in on their lunch break and check through the new stock for any hidden gems. If their taste in music is anything to go by, their taste in houses must be good too.


Down at Station Lane you’ll usually find one of us enjoying the amazing food they serve every day. The ribs were becoming so addictive at one point that we made ourselves promise not to bring any in the shop for fear of dirtying any sleeves. More info here.


The Harrow
Quiz Night at The Harrow is a must. And they always have a good selection of cask beer on tap.


Advance Music
Looking for an instrument? Hit up Advance and you’re bound to get a great deal on everything from guitars to kazoos and everything in between.