Vinyl Care

We take great care with every piece of vinyl that comes through our doors and so should you. That’s why we’ve decided to share some tips for how to care for your vinyl and make sure it performs as it should.


Don’t go sleeveless
We know that if you have a great looking vinyl or picture disc, you might want to show it off. Don’t leave it sitting it out though to get dusty. Always keep it in a sleeve, whether paper and plastic, and you’ll have a record that lasts for a long time. One note though! If you’re keeping a vinyl in a plastic sleeve, make sure it’s not in a hot location as it can cause just as much damage than if left bare.


Keep a lid on it
If your table has a cover, always keep it closed even in play. Turntables are never an easy thing to keep clean and having the lid open all day is just an excuse for dust and dirt to find a nice new home.


Get in to the groove
The worst thing you can do when cleaning a vinyl is to go against the groove. The idea of it just makes us shiver and start to break out in a sweat. Using a fine brush, always move along the treads. It’s the easiest way of getting dust out without doing damage.


Rack them up
If you’re dealing with a very dirty vinyl, then you can wash it clean. Very gently, use some cleaning solution that has been well diluted in water. Wipe along the groove with a soft cloth, and then rinse with a clean cloth. Don’t try it horizontally as water won’t move and ruin the disc. Instead hang the vinyl off a dish rack.


Stack them right
It might sound stupid, but make sure your vinyls are always being stored vertically. Imagine a sheet of paper filed away. Up straight it’s completely fine. But have it at an angle and there’s a risk of it bending and tearing. The same goes with vinyl.

Store them tight
Here's a little secret you should know: no good vinyl aficionado keeps all their good stuff out for everyone to see. Take me for example, I have a slew of records here, but the real rare stuff I have under lock and key (literally) back with my parents in Stapleton. I've been using storage in Bristol on and off for 7 years now to keep my gems in prime condition. 

Store them right
Vinyls don't like extremes in temperatures and can even warp if they are exposed, so basically don't keep them anywhere too cold or too hot and if you're fond of the artwork then don't store them somewhere damp either. I store the vinyls I keep at home is a room with trusty cast iron radiators to ensure I can keep the temperature just right fit them.